Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A little history and the bottom line

Since I have no workouts to write about so far this week I thought I would write about a little bit of my history.

This used to be me.........

April, 2006

And this is me now..........

November, 2010

I, obviously, have not always been a runner, or into endurance sports, or into healthy eating, or into a healthy lifestyle.  In high school, probably like a lot of people, I really didn't have to worry about what I ate or working out.  I played soccer for a couple years, but I wasn't "athletic"  I was just one of those lucky skinny girls.  In college, I started working out, but still ate what I wanted and partied like a rock-star a college student.  I am sure I gained some weight, but I was maintaining something I was happy with.

Then I met Jeff.  We worked in a restaurant in college, so there were late nights, and lots of eating and drinking.  Then we got married, and were so happy I guess we didn't pay attention to our weight.  We continued on with the partying.  Let's see, then I had back surgery, and after I was so worried about re injuring myself that when I did work out I know I didn't push myself, and I still ate whatever I wanted.

Then we moved to TX, still partied........well I think you get the point.  So then in 2008 I saw I picture of myself I had taken when I was visiting some friends from high school.  It pretty much looked like the first picture I posted.  So that was my aha moment, my wake up call.  Whatever you want to call it.  At that moment I decided I never again wanted to feel like I did about myself when I saw that picture.  

I hired a personal trainer to jump start my work out routine.  I totally changed the way I ate, progressively cutting unhealthy things out of my diet.  I started seeing results and liking it.  Not to mention I FELT better, healthier.

I got into running, basically because the time of my spin class changed at my gym and I couldn't make it after work.  In all honestly, I started this whole lifestyle change because I wanted to be skinny again.  But now, I love feeling fit and healthy (and being skinny isn't so bad either.)  I feel accomplished after a run, even a bad one.  It makes me dig deep and push myself in ways I never knew possible.  Going for a run can turn a total crap day into an awesome day.  And even better, my husband joined the lifestyle as well, and it has made our marriage even better than it already was.

Last night, a friend asked me what program I went on to lose the weight (50lbs by the way).  I actually get asked this question quite frequently.  I told her no program at all.  I don't believe in programs, because they have an end.  I believe in a lifestyle change.  If you don't change your mind set, and change what you are doing, you aren't going to change.  And the bottom line is to lose weight you have to output more calories than you input.  It is as simple as that.  There are no magic answers, or quick fixes.  It takes work and dedication, but it is possible.   


  1. Nice! I love it when people tell it like it is! Work hard, eat well and stay motivated. That is all it takes.

  2. Love your story, Annie. It is very inspirational!

  3. I mean this in the nicest way, but you are literally half the woman you used to be! Nice job on the weight loss and switch to this "lifestyle." It really is a lifestyle rather than just a hobby.

  4. Love this line: "I don't believe in programs, because they have an end. I believe in a lifestyle change."

    Amazing story! Great work!

    PS: Jeff - Miller Lite? Seriously? We have to find you some better beer. :-P haha

  5. That is a great story! Congratulations to you for making the right changes and sticking to them!

  6. Look at that fatass behind you? Was this at that Jimmy Buffet concert? I hate Buffet.

  7. Love the story! I can't wait until I get to post similar pictures!

  8. So funny Jeff behind you drinking a beer. Thank you for sharing your story, it is so awesome. I had an aha moment myself, but I haven't been brave enough to show the pictures. Mostly because I haven't mastered the weight thing yet. 100% right on that it is a lifestyle change! You rock.

  9. I find it so interesting that people always wonder what program you went on to lose the weight. you're proof that the basics work. Nice job : )

    oh, and my black clothes? I started writing the post, and I knew I had a bunch of black stuff, so I went and counted. Then after I posted, I remembered the guest room closet where I have some stuff so it's a bit more. I won't tell if you don't : )

  10. Thanks everyone, I appreciate your comments :)

  11. YES !!!!! way to go Annie. Totally AWESOME! So it was you that stirred thought and inspiration for Jeff?! :)
    I think my path to lose weight was somewhat similar...I was not on any program, just starting eating better and training consistently, for me Spin classes and running.

    Way to go, huge high five!


  12. Wow... first off, you look AMAZING and second, I love hearing your story. As someone who has lost nearly 35 pounds by just making lifestyle changes, I loved reading that were successful by changing some habits!

    Way to go girl!

  13. Thank you for sharing your story! I love it! I love your view on programs, because it's so true.

    Congrats on hard work and finding a new love of your life!

  14. Lifestyle to my ears and oh so true!

    Good for you!

  15. Great post! I'm glad that Christy gave you a shout out!

  16. Way to go, Annie. I couldn't agree with you more with the "lifestyle change". What sound advice to give!

  17. I like this post!
    I am a new follower..lucky #40!
    I also lost a lot of weight (72 lbs) and I get that same question all the time, they want to know the magical secret...and I also did not follow a program. I change everything. I had health issues that kind of force me to change what I eat and then I started running one year ago. but I am 100% with you, it is all about the lifestyle for sure.