Thursday, March 3, 2011

A is for Another filler post.

I have seen a couple of these, and they are fun, and I still haven't worked out this week.

A - age: 34

B - bed: Queen

C - chore you hate: All of them.  I would rather being running, spending time with loved ones, reading, really doing anything else.  Those are the things that will matter at the end, not if I had a spotless house.

D - dogs: Ernie and Bailey, the best pugs ever!

Ernie and Bailey

E - essential start your day item: Coffee!!!!!!!!!

F - favorite color: Blue

G - gold or silver: Silver

H - height: 5 '5ish

I - instruments you play: Guitar Hero Guitar :)  I played the Clarinet briefly in middle school.

J - job title: Former "Store Manger", currently "stay at home pug mom"

K - kids: Nope

L - live: Texas

M - mom's name: She's a little weird about putting personal info on the internet

N - nick name: Train, Anniebannie,  Anna-Bell

O - overnight hospital stays: I am assuming when I was born, and then in 2001 when I had back surgery.

P - pet peeve: Loud chewers

Q - quote from a movie:  Just one???  "Glass, Glass, who gives a shit about glass?"  Jeff and I often have whole conversations with just movie quotes :)

R - right or left handed: right. 

S - siblings: 3 brothers. I am the oldest.

T - time you wake up: after hitting the snooze 4 times, no matter what time the alarm is set for.

U - underwear: Let me see that..................

V - vegetable you dislike: Squash

W - what makes you late: Looking for my keys, I am always looking for my keys.

X- rays you've had done - On my back.

Y - yummy food you make - Waffles!

Z - zoo animal favorite - Sea Lions.  Not really sure why, just have always like them.


  1. I forgot about Guitar Hero and Rock Band, then I could add the Bass and Drums!!! I love playing the drums on rock band

    Are you taller then Jeff?

  2. I love these lists! And those pugs are darn cute!

  3. 3 little bro's!
    awesome lookin pugs
    my wife is ALWAYS looking for her keys

    a tune heard regularly around here :)


  4. Hi Annie,
    This was so fun to read! I love the random posts that give me more info about fellow bloggers. So, you will have to explain why your nick name is train:)

    Take care Lady!

  5. loud chewers drive me nuts. They always make me think of cows chewing their cud. gross.

  6. I am with you on loud chewers, but my favorite is of the Pugs, I love those two!! SO CUTE.