Sunday, March 13, 2011

Updates and stuff.


It took about a week and half, but this past week week I was able to breath again, my throat stopped hurting, and I stopped coughing.  Joy, oh, joy!!

Since then, I have re-started training for my sprint triathlon coming up in April.

I do not feel ready for this race!  My run is sub-par.  I can't believe how much run fitness I have lost.  I felt like an asthmatic out there.  Though I do know it will come back.

I only made it to swim once this past week.  The second day I had a bike fitting that ran into the masters class time, and quite frankly I was starving.

I feel so, so about the bike.  I went to spin class once last week, and rode the trainer once.  As a side not the trainer is TORTURE!!  I totally respect, and do not envy people who can't get outside on their bikes.  I did find out I like being on the trainer while watching Glee--it's kinda like being in spinning.

That all being said, this past Saturday our tri club hosted a duathalon (2 mile run, 12 mile bike, and then another 2 mile run) at a local park.  I decided to participate to gage how I would do at an event.  When we started setting up I was getting a little intimated, as the only other people were participating were very seasoned triathletes.  I sucked it up and participated anyway.  I am very happy that I did.  The first  2 miles went a lot better than I had planned, and I had about an 8:45 average pace.  The bike went ok, except I can't am scared to take my hands off of the handle bars to drink.  I guess that will come with practice??  The second run was a little harder.  I definitely need to do some more bricks these next couple of weeks.

A few hours of the race, Jeff and I went out to a friends house who lives on the water.  She is also training for the Ironman, so she invited us over to do an open water swim.  We were going to swim while her husband follows in his boat in case anyone as any issues.  Well, I did.  I freaked out not being able to see and didn't get much further than 500 yards.  The distance of my sprint swim, however I didn't do it consecutively as I kept having to stop to gain control of my breathing.  I am hoping to get the chance for a few more open water swims before my race.

Then today (Sunday)  I somehow let Jeff talking me into doing an organized group bike ride.  The longest I have done to date is 25 miles.  He signed me up for 44!  Overall the ride went okay.  Especially since I had my bike fitting.  I just need to get a little more confident on the bike.  Any time I gain a little speed I freak out. However I got quite sick of hearing, on your left, so I want to get that figured out fast!  I am not sure I am in love with cycling yet, and many times today I thought, I would rather be running, but I am not going to give up yet.

Other than that, I have also signed up to do the Cupcake Marathon, as well as signed up for a blogger biggest loser type fun competition.  So far I am not doing so hot with the weight loss.  I would like to lose 10 lbs.  However, since I signed up Jeff took me out for this

Notice his in the background!

Also, for some crazy reason we gave in and bought some girl scout cookies.  Thin Mints are my favorite.  They probably won't last long!

And, my BFF from high school is coming to visit this week.  We are going to go to the rodeo, which will consist of eating BBQ, drinking some beer, and probably eating some of these
Fried Oreos........You can't go to the rodeo and not eat them!

So, I am still going to get in my scheduled workouts while she is here, but next week will have to double up, and get back to 100% clean eating.

Have a great week!


  1. The biking confidence will come once you get mor time on the bike. Don't give up!

  2. Glad to hear you are healthy again!

    Great job on the long bike ride! The bike confidence will come with experience, don't worry!

    Keep practicing those OWS. They will pay off in dividends on race day.

  3. You rocked the bike ride today. A few more long rides outdoors and you will better and in more control on the bike. I am never eating Cold Stone again. You better not eat that shit at the Rodeo - I said "no" to deep fried oreos!

  4. yum
    yum. where is Jeff's cone. the only reason I go to CS is for the cones!!!

    the pita came home with eleven boxes of GS cookies.

    that's right........ 11.

    not. 10. not an even dozen but ELEVEN.


  5. Drinking from a water bottle while on the bike?! I didn't think of that, yikes, I don't know if I'll be able to take my hand off the hadlebars either.

    That cup 'o chocolate looks especially yummy right now.

  6. The rodeo !!!

    great news you are feeling better and on the road with your Tri training !

    Im with you on Spin classes and the trainer they are BOTH kicking my butt big time. I guess thats a good thing


  7. Annie, I'm so glad that you are feeling better! :) That's fantastic news. And yes, biking is one of those things that takes time to feel comfortable with. It'll come... be patient! :) I love that you are putting yourself out there!

    Hope you have a great time at the Rodeo (did you already go?) A deep fried oreo... can't say I've tried that one! :)