Tuesday, March 29, 2011

People were passing me left and left.

This weekend was a big training weekend for me.  Saturday morning Jeff and I got up and did medium run together.  I ran 7.71(the final distance of my Cupcake Marathon) miles and Jeff ran just over 8.  This past weekend was a recovery week for Jeff, so he was nice enough to hang back with me for the first 5 miles.  The first year that I trained for a marathon we ran together a lot and I really forgot how much I missed that.  I know it was hard for him to slow his pace to mine, but it was very motivating for me, as I have not ran that "long" of a distance since the marathon.  It felt great to make it past the 4 mile mark and look forward to adding this distance to my weekly runs (especially now that I don't work weekends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

After the run, we headed out to do an open water swim.  I have a sprint tri coming up the second weekend in April, and really needed the practice.  The last open water swim I did attempted, I freaked out a bit.  I did appox 900 meters and overall it really went well.  After I got out of the water Jeff was still swimming so I took a few shots of the man made lake that we went to.

After the swim we came home, got ready and then drove 3 1/2 hours to a family birthday party.  It was nice to see some family and relax for a few hours.  On Sunday we had planned on doing a 54 mile bike ride (my idea.....) together.  Since it was a rest week for Jeff I asked him if he would hang with me on the ride, which, for the most part he kindly did.  The ride was a Blue Bonnet ride.  I had some fantasy that Jeff and I would be riding next to each other, chatting and laughing and stopping to take pictures in the fields of these flowers.  

THAT DID NOT HAPPEN.............

Jeff did ride with me, but so did thousands of other people.  Plus I am not used to all the rules of these organized bike rides (runners are not this strict!) Like when you pass, you have to pass on the left, and you have to say on your left as you are passing.  The first 15 miles or so went fairly well.  At one point Jeff got ahead of me, and I was passing people like crazy to catch up to him.  He would see me coming, and pass another group of people and then look back at me and grin.  I knew he was trying to push me so I just kept on going.  I even passed him and did a little "on your left" as I did.  We rode for a couple more miles then came up to the first rest stop.  I told Jeff I wanted to stop so I could get some water (I can't take my hand off the bike yet to drink) and to do a little adjusting to my shorts.  We made a quick stop and then got back on the road.  Again, it started off well, but then, let's just say, things started getting very sore!  I powered through to the next rest stop, grateful for the break.  On and Jeff beat me there by like 15 or more minutes.  Let's just say the rest of the ride went this way.  The first couple of miles after each rest went well, and then the soreness would come back.  I just have to say that in no way was I in this much pain during either one of my marathons!  After the last rest stop, I had to dig way down deep to get back on my bike.  And that is when it started, people were passing me, and passing me, and passing me.  Jeff stayed with me for the first couple mins, when he informed me that we were going 11 miles/hr.  I told him to just go ahead because I could not go any faster.  What was frustrating is that it wasn't my endurance or cardiovascular fitness that was holding me back, but the EXTREME pain I was in from neck to toe!

So Jeff went on and I powered through, thinking to myself I probably shouldn't have jumped from 12 miles, to 25, to 44, to 54.  That's it, other than a couple of times on the trainer that is the amount of experience I have had on the back.  I think I will build up the mileage a little slower from now on.  I went a little faster, only because I knew the faster I went, the sooner I could get off the seat!  

With about 1 mile left, I turned a corner and there was Jeff, pulled off to the side of the road waiting to ride it in with me.  That gave me the last little boost of motivation I needed to keep on pedaling.  I am glad I did this, as it made me push myself to do something I wouldn't normally do.  And isn't that why we do this, to push ourselves beyond our limits.  At least one of the reasons anyway.

Despite that fact that this wasn't the leisurely ride I thought it would be, we did manage a few pictures.

Happy Training!

Friday, March 25, 2011

I have nothing to write about.

I really feel like I have nothing to write about.  I do have a little thing called a sprint triathlon in two weeks, but that is really all.  For some reason I don't feel the same amount of pressure for this race that I did for the marathon I ran in January.  Maybe it is because I am not injured or sick.  Or maybe it is because I don't feel like I have put the proper training in and my goal is to just survive and reach the finish line.  The lack of training is not my fault and all my fault.  I was sick for a few weeks, which cut into it.  Then I had about a good week and half of training.  Then my BFF from high school came to visit.  The week she was hear I started off strong and got my workouts in.  However, towards the end of the week I slacked.  She was fine with me going, but I felt bad taking time out of our time together.  We don't get to see each other that often, and she flew all the way here to see me.  I have to say it really gave me a greater respect for people who do this and have kids.  I typically only have my time to worry about.  I don't really have to worry about Jeff, b/c he is training too, and way more than me!  Hats off to those of you with kids and juggle all of this training.

I think another reason my training has been lacking is because I am a very structured person and need a schedule and rules to follow.  When I have to much time on my hands it isn't good. Being unemployed has given me to much time.  When I wake up in the morning I think, eh, I can go run/bike/swim later.  I have no where to be.  I bet when I start working again(see below) my training time will double.  Now, I just watch reruns of The Golden Girls.

This week I was back on track with my running and swimming.  I actually did a lot more running than I was "suppose" to b/c I am participating in The Cupcake Marathon.  The bike training, not so much.  I DESPISE the trainer.  It is horrible, and should only be used for punishment purposes.  Like when your spouse says "your not that fat anymore." (Yes, that happened, but that is a whole different story!) Anyway, I have kind of justified that fact that my bike training hasn't been there by the fact that I completed a 44 mile bike ride 2 weeks ago, and the distance I have to ride in the sprint is only 12 miles.  Plus this weekend I am doing a 56 mile ride with Jeff.  So that makes up for the lack of bike training.  I need to either get over the trainer thing, or start going out on my own, which I don't like the idea of either.  I guess I will figure it out.

I might also need to change the name of my blog.  As some of you may know, I was laid off in January.  This week I went on an interview and got a job!  However, it is not in retail.  I loved working in retail, with clothes and fashion, and many different types of people, and not to mention a great discount!  However, there are also down sides to the industry.  Sporadic hours, evenings, weekends, the holiday season, late, late nights, and crazy people.  When I got laid off I thought I might be able to use it as an opportunity to try a new field, still utilizing my skills, and maybe have a more stable schedule.  So, I am going to be working in an office, Monday thru Friday, 9-5.  Evenings and weekends off.  I am very excited at this prospect.  Nights at home with my husband.  Being able to enjoy weekends and not feel guilty when I need them off for our races.  Not having to work Black Friday!!  But I am no longer going to be the retail runner.  Maybe I can rename this, "Just a runner, trying out this whole Triathlon thing."  What are your suggestions?

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Updates and stuff.


It took about a week and half, but this past week week I was able to breath again, my throat stopped hurting, and I stopped coughing.  Joy, oh, joy!!

Since then, I have re-started training for my sprint triathlon coming up in April.

I do not feel ready for this race!  My run is sub-par.  I can't believe how much run fitness I have lost.  I felt like an asthmatic out there.  Though I do know it will come back.

I only made it to swim once this past week.  The second day I had a bike fitting that ran into the masters class time, and quite frankly I was starving.

I feel so, so about the bike.  I went to spin class once last week, and rode the trainer once.  As a side not the trainer is TORTURE!!  I totally respect, and do not envy people who can't get outside on their bikes.  I did find out I like being on the trainer while watching Glee--it's kinda like being in spinning.

That all being said, this past Saturday our tri club hosted a duathalon (2 mile run, 12 mile bike, and then another 2 mile run) at a local park.  I decided to participate to gage how I would do at an event.  When we started setting up I was getting a little intimated, as the only other people were participating were very seasoned triathletes.  I sucked it up and participated anyway.  I am very happy that I did.  The first  2 miles went a lot better than I had planned, and I had about an 8:45 average pace.  The bike went ok, except I can't am scared to take my hands off of the handle bars to drink.  I guess that will come with practice??  The second run was a little harder.  I definitely need to do some more bricks these next couple of weeks.

A few hours of the race, Jeff and I went out to a friends house who lives on the water.  She is also training for the Ironman, so she invited us over to do an open water swim.  We were going to swim while her husband follows in his boat in case anyone as any issues.  Well, I did.  I freaked out not being able to see and didn't get much further than 500 yards.  The distance of my sprint swim, however I didn't do it consecutively as I kept having to stop to gain control of my breathing.  I am hoping to get the chance for a few more open water swims before my race.

Then today (Sunday)  I somehow let Jeff talking me into doing an organized group bike ride.  The longest I have done to date is 25 miles.  He signed me up for 44!  Overall the ride went okay.  Especially since I had my bike fitting.  I just need to get a little more confident on the bike.  Any time I gain a little speed I freak out. However I got quite sick of hearing, on your left, so I want to get that figured out fast!  I am not sure I am in love with cycling yet, and many times today I thought, I would rather be running, but I am not going to give up yet.

Other than that, I have also signed up to do the Cupcake Marathon, as well as signed up for a blogger biggest loser type fun competition.  So far I am not doing so hot with the weight loss.  I would like to lose 10 lbs.  However, since I signed up Jeff took me out for this

Notice his in the background!

Also, for some crazy reason we gave in and bought some girl scout cookies.  Thin Mints are my favorite.  They probably won't last long!

And, my BFF from high school is coming to visit this week.  We are going to go to the rodeo, which will consist of eating BBQ, drinking some beer, and probably eating some of these
Fried Oreos........You can't go to the rodeo and not eat them!

So, I am still going to get in my scheduled workouts while she is here, but next week will have to double up, and get back to 100% clean eating.

Have a great week!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

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Thursday, March 3, 2011

A is for Another filler post.

I have seen a couple of these, and they are fun, and I still haven't worked out this week.

A - age: 34

B - bed: Queen

C - chore you hate: All of them.  I would rather being running, spending time with loved ones, reading, really doing anything else.  Those are the things that will matter at the end, not if I had a spotless house.

D - dogs: Ernie and Bailey, the best pugs ever!

Ernie and Bailey

E - essential start your day item: Coffee!!!!!!!!!

F - favorite color: Blue

G - gold or silver: Silver

H - height: 5 '5ish

I - instruments you play: Guitar Hero Guitar :)  I played the Clarinet briefly in middle school.

J - job title: Former "Store Manger", currently "stay at home pug mom"

K - kids: Nope

L - live: Texas

M - mom's name: She's a little weird about putting personal info on the internet

N - nick name: Train, Anniebannie,  Anna-Bell

O - overnight hospital stays: I am assuming when I was born, and then in 2001 when I had back surgery.

P - pet peeve: Loud chewers

Q - quote from a movie:  Just one???  "Glass, Glass, who gives a shit about glass?"  Jeff and I often have whole conversations with just movie quotes :)

R - right or left handed: right. 

S - siblings: 3 brothers. I am the oldest.

T - time you wake up: after hitting the snooze 4 times, no matter what time the alarm is set for.

U - underwear: Let me see that..................

V - vegetable you dislike: Squash

W - what makes you late: Looking for my keys, I am always looking for my keys.

X- rays you've had done - On my back.

Y - yummy food you make - Waffles!

Z - zoo animal favorite - Sea Lions.  Not really sure why, just have always like them.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A little history and the bottom line

Since I have no workouts to write about so far this week I thought I would write about a little bit of my history.

This used to be me.........

April, 2006

And this is me now..........

November, 2010

I, obviously, have not always been a runner, or into endurance sports, or into healthy eating, or into a healthy lifestyle.  In high school, probably like a lot of people, I really didn't have to worry about what I ate or working out.  I played soccer for a couple years, but I wasn't "athletic"  I was just one of those lucky skinny girls.  In college, I started working out, but still ate what I wanted and partied like a rock-star a college student.  I am sure I gained some weight, but I was maintaining something I was happy with.

Then I met Jeff.  We worked in a restaurant in college, so there were late nights, and lots of eating and drinking.  Then we got married, and were so happy I guess we didn't pay attention to our weight.  We continued on with the partying.  Let's see, then I had back surgery, and after I was so worried about re injuring myself that when I did work out I know I didn't push myself, and I still ate whatever I wanted.

Then we moved to TX, still partied........well I think you get the point.  So then in 2008 I saw I picture of myself I had taken when I was visiting some friends from high school.  It pretty much looked like the first picture I posted.  So that was my aha moment, my wake up call.  Whatever you want to call it.  At that moment I decided I never again wanted to feel like I did about myself when I saw that picture.  

I hired a personal trainer to jump start my work out routine.  I totally changed the way I ate, progressively cutting unhealthy things out of my diet.  I started seeing results and liking it.  Not to mention I FELT better, healthier.

I got into running, basically because the time of my spin class changed at my gym and I couldn't make it after work.  In all honestly, I started this whole lifestyle change because I wanted to be skinny again.  But now, I love feeling fit and healthy (and being skinny isn't so bad either.)  I feel accomplished after a run, even a bad one.  It makes me dig deep and push myself in ways I never knew possible.  Going for a run can turn a total crap day into an awesome day.  And even better, my husband joined the lifestyle as well, and it has made our marriage even better than it already was.

Last night, a friend asked me what program I went on to lose the weight (50lbs by the way).  I actually get asked this question quite frequently.  I told her no program at all.  I don't believe in programs, because they have an end.  I believe in a lifestyle change.  If you don't change your mind set, and change what you are doing, you aren't going to change.  And the bottom line is to lose weight you have to output more calories than you input.  It is as simple as that.  There are no magic answers, or quick fixes.  It takes work and dedication, but it is possible.   

Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Déjà vu (French pronunciation: [deʒa vy]  ( listen), meaning "already seen") is the experience of feeling sure that one has already witnessed or experienced a current situation, even though the exact circumstances of the previous encounter are uncertain and were perhaps imagined. 

The only thing I can say is my previous experience was not uncertain or imagined.  Because as shocking as it it, I am SICK again.  Last Friday I woke up with a slight sore throat, but other than that I felt fine.  That day I went for a nice 4 mile run, then went to a yoga sculpt class.  Saturday, the throat was still sore, but I managed to get a 11.5 mile bike ride in.  I was going to do an open water swim with Jeff after the bike, but opted out because I didn't want the throat thing to get worse.  Sunday, still sore, felt a little worn down, and throw in some sinus pressure.

Monday, woke up, couldn't talk, but felt normal. I let the pugs out and it felt great out.  Decided to go for a run, since I missed my Sunday run.  Overall the run went well.  My legs felt awesome, and I was even feeling like my mojo was back!  But after about a mile in I had to slow the pace a bit as I was struggling to breath.  There is definitely something going on with my upper respiratory system.  And as the day went on, I started to feel worse.  I went to the store, loaded up on meds and went to bed.  Today I am going to lay low and rest and hope it goes away.  If not, back to the Dr. I go.

Then that should be it for the year.  I have gotten all my sickness out of the way and WILL NOT be getting sick again!  That is what I have to tell myself to not go crazy!