Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Random thoughts early in the morning.

I haven't posted in a while, or for that matter had time to read anyone else's blog in a while either.  Any kind of website that is a social media website is blocked at work, so I have to wait until I get home to catch up.  Sometimes it just doesn't happen, after eating dinner it is time to go to bed for an early morning wake up.  But here is what has been going on.

A couple of weeks ago I babysat my friend's two year old for a weekend.  I decided you need more endurance a two year old than you need to be an endurance athlete.  By the end of the weekend I was EXHAUSTED!  Kudos to those of you with kids that still find time to eat much less train!  I will stick to being an Aunt.

A few months ago, on a whim, I signed up for the Honolulu Marathon.  I got a really great deal on the entry fee, and I have a friend from college who lives there that I can stay with.  I wasn't sure if it was going to happen, but last week I found an awesome price for an airline ticket.  So I am going to Hawaii in December to run with her.  The most exciting thing about this to me, other than getting to see my friend, is that I am actually able to go somewhere in December.  If I was still in retail that would NEVER happen!  The downside is I hear the race is hot and humid.  Will I never be able to escape the humidity??

And speaking of marathons, I am also signed up for the full marathon in Houston in January, not to mention a half in November and a half at the beginning of January.  So yes I am running a half 11/13/11 a full 12/11/11, a half 1/1/12 and a full 1/15/12.  Seeing this in print makes me think I really didn't plan out my schedule to well.  I *think* I have decided that of the two full marathons I would like to really kick ass at Houston.  I need to redeem myself from last year's bronchitis debacle and there is a slight chance for a little less humidity. After my last two marathons I have had the need for about a 2-3 week recovery.  I know EMZ runs like a marathon a week, but I am wondering if any actual humans have run two marathons this close together?  Any tips for training would be greatly appreciated.

With all these running races that I have committed myself to I think my triathlon season is over this year.  I really enjoy doing them, but I do not put enough time in on the bike.  Plus I don't know how I could possibly fit another race into my life right now.  I might do another spring in October, but will have to see how the training is coming along.  My plan is to then next year have a serious chat with my bike to work out our differences and shoot to do an Olympic distance in April of 2012.  We'll see how that goes.  My bike and I aren't even on speaking terms right now.....

Last weekend Jeff and I went to New Mexico for a family reunion.  It was a blast to get to see my brother's, dad and step-mom, and nephew and nieces.  We were even able to fit in a run with this view.

...........Okay, blogger won't let me post pictures right now, so I will have to add them later. Ugg.  Anyway, it was an amazing view.  It was so nice to run there, even with all the hills and the altitude difference.  I learned while we were there that Albuquerque is the same elevation as Denver!!

And lastly, I think I might have a little tendinitis in my knee.  So instead of getting up to run this morning, I woke up at 4am couldn't go back to sleep, cleaned the kitchen and am now icing.  I ran Monday and it felt ok during the run, but was a little tight afterwards, and going up and down our stairs was not pleasant.  I am hoping a couple days of rest, ice and anti-inflammatory meds will make it go away because I do not have time for an injury right now.

Happy training, and I will try to catch up on blogs this week


  1. Honolulu sounds like a blast! And I think you can pull off that schedule.

    hope the knee feels better soon!

  2. I did Honolulu last year. Your TX heat/humidity should prepare you for it better than the MI fall did for me :) Good luck!

  3. Better to fight the tendinitis now while you have the luxury of time! I think you're gonna need to keep the pace slow for the summer though to give it time to rehab (without taking off completely).

  4. Congrats on Honolulu!! That is awesome.

    Take care of that knee.

  5. Honolulu will be so much fun. I spent a week there last May and absolutely loved it... throw in a marathon and you are set!

    Your race schedule between November and January is nuts! I love it! :)

  6. U will do great with the crazy race schedule! Honolulu sounds like SO much fun!