Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tejas Race Report

Sunday Morning Jeff and I woke up at the ungodly hour of 3am. At this time I was thinking how ridiculous it seemed to be waking up that early for a sprint distance race, but at this point I am not really equipped for a longer distance. For this race I had planned on skipping my morning coffee, but I just couldn't. I NEEDED it. So I had my coffee and a whole wheat bagel with some natural peanut butter. Then Jeff and I were off for an hour drive down to the race.

Once we got there we, well Jeff prepped the bikes and then we walked over to transition and got set up and then did a quick run to warm up. About that time it was time to head over to the start. My friend Ann came down to watch and we met up with her, as well as some friends from the Tri club before the race. Jeff was in the first wave, but I had to wait 30 minutes to start.

Now, I know this was only a short swim (600m), but when I saw the distance I started freaking out a bit. Before Jeff headed out he reminded me I had just done 2400m at masters, and 750 at Lake 288, but for some reason this distance seemed more daunting. Maybe because the last race I did was wet suit legal and this time I would be on my own, with a few other people knocking into me!

We killed some time by snapping a few pictures

My "age"

As a quick side note, my least favorite thing about triathlons is the age up thing.  When I was getting body marked I made a comment to the lady that I would not be 35 until December, so she put an astrix next to my age.  HAHAH

So we walked into the water, which felt like bath water, had a 3 minute wait, and went off.  I started swimming and got into a groove pretty early on.  I did much better than the last race, actually swimming freestyle the whole time and didn't do too bad sighting.  I still freak out a bit when I feel feet in front of me and haven't quite figured out how to power through the line of people ahead of me.  After I made the turn at the first buoy there were only about 200m left so I decided to do a little bit of a sprint.  Even though I felt good, I also figured that I was one of the last one's out of the water.  I found out later this was not the case. I was 10th out of the water out of 23, finishing the swim in 12:21.8, or an average of 1:52/100  Overall I was happy with my swim, though I may not look like it coming out of the water.

I ran up to transition, which took me 3:31 (I think Jeff and I need to work on a sense of urgency in transition) and tried to dry off a bit, and then was off on the bike.

The bike was an 11 mile ride, which was on a loop and half course.  I actually passed a few people on the bike, but I take turns very slow and I have a very hard time drinking on the bike.  I wore a camelback to hydrate on the bike, and really can't describe how I look when I am trying to get a drink.  During the bike I had no idea how fast I was going because I forgot to hit start on my Garmin.  I finished in 38:58, which was an average of 16.9 on the bike.  I am happy with this pace because it is an improvement from my last race.  My goal the next few months is to get out there and ride so I am more comfortable on the bike.  Because in addition to not being able to drink on the bike, I am not so great at getting off the bike either.  I can't really describe how I do it, but maybe this picture can.

I pretty much unclip both feet coming up to the dismount line and then wobble off my seat until both feet hit the ground.  It is not pretty.  But I safely got off of the bike with falling and headed to transition which took me  2:17.7 this time.

I headed out for the run feeling pretty good, but again I forgot to start my Garmin.  I actually stopped right before I crossed the mat coming out of transition to fix my ponytail and Jeff was yelling at me,   motivating me to get going since I was in a race and all.  I never really found my legs during the run, but I felt good the whole time.  I passed a lot of people who were walking, so I was pretty happy with myself for running the whole time.  I used the water stations for a couple of sips, but pretty much to dump cold water on my overheated head.  I ended up doing the run 3 miles in 25:47, which was an 8:36 pace.  Way better than I did in my last stand alone 5k!

This was a great race and I will definitely do it again.  I really love running, but am also really starting to love adding swimming and biking before the running.  I finished in 1:22:55 and was 15th out of 23 in my age group.

Thanks to my friend Ann for coming out to support and taking some awesome pictures(my first awesome pictures from a race, which is a whole other blog post!)


  1. Awesome race Annie! It's fun to watch you get better and better! And like I posted on Jeff's blog... you're so darn cute! :) You always look good in your pictures! I'm jealous!

  2. "since I was in a race and all."

    what a great race!
    you did just great on both the swim & the bike
    and of course the run was solid
    way to go

    great pics

  3. great job!!! I remember my first sprint, same emotions, I just didn't stop to fix my hair ;)

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Congrats on a great race! The pics are awesome!

  5. What a solid race!! You make it look easy!

  6. I get off my bike the same way! :) None of that fancy "taking your feet out of your shoes before the dismount line" stuff for me!

  7. Congrats Annie!! GREAT job!!! Love the pictures, you KILLED that swim that you were so nervous about - can you swim for me at IM? ;) Great race, what an awesome bike and run too!! GREAT JOB!

    Also, it took me FOREVER to get comfortable unclipping 1 foot and stopping. Practice on the trainer (that is what I did)

  8. Congrats on a great tri! Swim, bike, and run were all solid ..... and you'll find that transition urgency soon enough!

  9. Great job!

    My wife gets off her bike the same way. haha. I keep trying to show how to dismount gracefully but it hasn't taken.

    Love the smile on your face in the pictures!

  10. Man you do good race reports....I come froma long line of sinkers so I think anybody who can swim distance is awesome...great job!!!!

  11. I really liked reading this one, I still don't have any idea of what to expect for my race, so you're clueing me in.

    The ponytail pause cracked me up.

    Great job!!