Monday, January 24, 2011

What would you do?


This is the word that is hanging over my head  upcoming marathon.  Started getting a little cough a couple of days ago.  It got worse Sunday.  Stayed home from work today and went to the Dr.  Said it sounds like the beginning of bronchitis.  Got a lot of medicine.  People are telling me I shouldn't run.  I WANT to run this race.  I need to run this race.  So, I am just wondering.  For the more seasoned runners out there.  What would you do?  Would you still run?


  1. I did a 1/2 ironman with bronchitis and sinusitis. I did not have a good race but I did finish. I wouldn't suggest doing that but it is ultimately up to you.

    May I also suggest "Kiss Ass Immune" from Whole Foods. I use it when I am starting to get sick and it really helps.

  2. It matters how you feel come race day. Forget going for a PR or something like that. Have fun and take it easy if you think you can. Or, if running fast is a priority, don't run this race to save the wear and tear but find one soon so you can leverage your overall fitness. Of course, if you are still feeling bad, the choice is made for you.

  3. Endurance atheltes are the most stubborn people to walk the earth, I will be more surprised if you didnt do it. If you do run, listen the body, slow the pace, walk if needed, drink extra fluids, you didnt train to race in this condition, its going to be taxing to the body

  4. I'm not an experienced runner, by any means. But I would probably still run :)

    Just don't expect a great performance (because of the toll on your body).

  5. I'm with Jeff.

    get out there and do it.
    you've trained like crazy.

    go [cough].
    do it [cough].
    you've freaking got this [middle fingers].

  6. Run. Definitely run. You'll feel so much better by Sunday, you might cough and run a bit slower, but you've put in the work, and that will keep you moving.

  7. ahhhh - missed this. Came to drop a note and well wish for tomorrow...but from Jeff's post I think he said you were getting better faster than him?
    I hope you are better and good enough to run - and if so...
    enjoy the moment and take it slow and cruise
    Run like you stole something:)