Monday, December 13, 2010

I miss heels.........

I LOVE shoes! All kinds really, but heels take the cake for me. They are so pretty, and can instantly make a girl feel better about herself. They can make any outfit better, and, mostly, they never go out of style. I will, and have suffered serious pains wearing the perfect pair of heels. HOWEVER, the combo of working in retail, and running has really impacted my ability to wear heels on a daily basis. (I have to believe it is that, and not the fact that I am getting "0lder"). I tried wearing some to work Sunday, and lasted about 45 mins before I had to switch to my flats. I am telling you what, if I ever open my own store, I will make sure that the floors are those kind of floors that gyms have in their group fitness rooms with a little cushion so the employees can wear heels a little bit longer. The floors in my store are concrete, which are NOT heel friendly. Especially this time of year. Why are holiday shoppers so CRAZY????????? One day I would love to wear my Garmin to work to see how many miles I "run" in a day. Anyway, I have kinda, replaced my heel fetish, with running shoes, and always try to buy the ones with the prettiest colors, and that will match most of my running gear! So the Sunday attempt to wear them was the first in a long time. My feet just can't take it anymore. But this Saturday we are going out to dinner for my birthday and I got the prettiest pair of shoes I have bought in a while. For those of you familiar with Jeff's blog, these were my cyber Monday deal.

Aren't they sooooooooooo pretty?????????

I don't care how much they hurt! Or do I? I have 12 miles on Sunday, which I am adding 3 to so I can have a few more long runs before the marathon. I might have to only wear them that night when I am sitting down, we will see. Sometimes you get lucky and actually find a comfortable pair of shoes that aren't running shoes.

Today I had a 40 min recovery run at an easy pace. I felt great and it really loosened me up. Tomorrow is suppose to be speed work at the track, but I usually only get 2 miles out of that. I am going to skip it and do another 40 mins around the neighborhood. Hopefully adding miles to my weekly runs, as well as my long runs this last month and half will help me feel a little more prepared for the 26.2!


  1. New. Shoes. Make. My. Day.
    How did I miss this cyber Monday deal?! Hot damn girl!

    Running + heels = all good. In my book.
    Works the calves.
    Enjoy your birthday!!!

  2. lovely shoes!

    I think they'll just help to toughen up your feet for the long haul : )