Sunday, December 19, 2010

Birthday Run and Jeff's stupid cold.


Nothing like celebrating your birthday with a nice 14 miles. While some people might think that statement is crazy, I know most of the people who are actually reading this will relate. Last night Jeff and I went out to celebrate my birthday, and our friend Steve's birthday at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. It was a great night! After dinner, we came home, and Jeff gave me my birthday presents

Yay! more running gear! So after opening my gifts, we hit the sack, as both of us had workouts scheduled for today. Though, I am pretty sure only one of us followed through..........just saying. Anyway, since I ACTUALLY didn't have to work today, I slept in and went for my run around 10am. Well, when I was headed to get ready for the run, Ernie wanted to go outside. When I opened the door it felt really cold outside, I looked at the temp, and it said 49. Pretty chilly, if you ask me. Perfect, I get to wear my new running shirt! So I headed out on my run. Well, not even a mile in I was already warmed up. Thank goodness there were a lot of shaded parts on the run today, because they felt amazing. I will definitely be wearing a tank during the marathon!!
As I mentioned in my last p0st, I have a running buddy that I usually go run with. This is an awesome perk. However, due to my schedule, and her resting an injury, I went out on my own today. Last year I trained for my marathon on my own, and really loved it. There is no better therapy then being on a run on your own. I do bring my ipod, with the music of my choice. However, I tell Jeff my route and leave my phone at home. It is so freeing and totally clears my mind. I absolutely LOVE it!
Overall the run was pretty good. I had an average pace of 9:26, not too bad. If I can hold that for the marathon I will be thrilled. As some of you know, Jeff has been sick all last week. Well I am pretty sure I got the cold. I woke up stuffy this morning, with a sore throat. I still really had to get my run in, but had a very hard time breathing. Oh well though, sometimes you have to do, what you have to do. Right??? Also, I am wondering if I should take any kind of pain killers before I run. Does anybody do this? Today my right hip really started to hurt. And I had to stop twice to stretch my hammies. ( And twice due to a red light). Though that could have been b/c I had a ten hour shift yesterday!
Oh, and I did add two miles on today, to what my training plan called for. I plan on doing that for all my long runs from now until the race.


Saturday I worked a ten hour shift. It was the last Saturday to shop before Christmas. It took me me 40 minutes, past the time I was suppose to get off, to refold a table of sweaters. It took me 2o minutes to get out of the mall. Enough said.


  1. - Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

    - You shoulda made him sleep on the couch so he wouldnt have gotten you sick

    - good training partners are hard to find

  2. Happy Birthday!! Nice gifts!

    Stupid cold. Keep that guy away from you. Hey I use Oscillococcinum when I am around diseased people and it really helps me stay healthy.

    I am totally jealous of your training partner!! Like BDD said, they are super hard to find.

  3. First Happy Birthday!!! Second, the joy of being in love... you share EVERYTHING, even the colds! Hope you are feeling better!

  4. Happy Birthday and I love the new shirt!

    Congrats on the long run!

    And I am with BDD, you should have made Jeff sleep on the couch! ;)

  5. Happy [late] birthday!!

    I swear I never unfold anything when I shop. ;)

    Oh & alleve & I .... We love eachother. Only before looooong runs though. ;)