Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Training time

It's official, no more practice weeks.  I am training for my third AND fourth marathons.  As some of you may know, This year, I am attempting two marathons 4 weeks apart from each other.  I am super nervous about this, as after each of my other two marathons my recovery has been painful and long.  I usually wait a few weeks before I start running 3 miles again, much less 26.2.  But I am also super excited about it.  One reason being that the third marathon is the Honolulu marathon in HAWAII!!!  Not only do I get to run a marathon there, but I get to see my long time friend Deanna-you can check out her blog here  I am so excited!

Week one was pretty uneventful overall.  I was able to wake up and get all my runs done in the morning.  Even the dreaded treadmill run.  There was even one day when it was only 80 degrees at 5:00am.  Maybe we are going to get a cold front.  

Saturday was my treadmill run of the week.  This was my tempo run, which I have to do on the treadmill because I just can't get the pace I need in the heat and humidity outside right now.  It wasn't a bad run, and I felt pretty good at my race pace.  

On Sunday I did my long run, which was only 8 miles this week.  It was hot and humid for this one.  Wow, what a shocker.  Luckily two of my running friends joined me for the run, which is always a nice distraction.  We took it slow, but got it done.  And I got to get my first have to pee in the woods out of the way, which was nice.  I really need to stop drinking coffee before I head out.

Here are the totals for the week

Total Distance: 24:05 Miles
Total Time: 5:03 Hours
Total Workouts: 6 (Only 1 strength training session this week)
Total Treadmill runs: 1

And the song that got me through on the treadmill this week is  Tik Tok by Ke$sha.  Just because it is fun.

Happy Training :)


  1. Exciting stuff going on!
    Uneventful is a good thing...

  2. Great job babe! Lets continue to keep all the weekends uneventful!!!

  3. I'm a little behind you to start official training. My group starts next Saturday. I like your training recap format. I might have to do something similar. Thanks for the blog shout out. I so can't wait to see you!

  4. Great job Annie! I'm super jealous of you running in Hawaii. We were in Honolulu last May and ran like 50 miles in the 7 days because we loved it so much! That marathon will be awesome!

  5. Should be some beautiful scenery to run through in Hawaii! I'm jealous!

  6. great job training....lately Britney Spears is helping me through : )

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