Sunday, August 7, 2011

Marathon Training Week 1, again, Recap

This was the second week of my practice, or warm up to marathon training.  I officially start my training tomorrow, which happens to be a cross training day.  Overall I had an ok week.  I had to switch some of my days around, kind of inadvertently.  Monday I slept in, which is going to be my cross training day.  I was going to go to spin after work, but go stuck late and wouldn't have made the class in time.  Instead I went home and did some laundry and cleaning and had some wine.  Kind of like cross training I guess.

Tuesday and Wednesday I ran outside. Tuesday's run was outside and I didn't really want to go, but  got up and got it done.  Wednesday was five miles and was easier as I met a friend to run.  On Wednesday's we have been meeting at the Lifetime Fitness to run together and it is great motivation to get my butt out of bed.  The worst part about it is getting all my stuff ready the night before, like clothes for work the next day ect.  I have forgotten, let's say.....very important pieces to ones wardrobe for the day and it really sucks.

In my training plan I am suppose to run Tues, Wed, Thurs, off Friday, and then Sat, and Sun.  Well Thursday our alarm didn't go off in time (though I think someone in the house didn't REALLY want to go to swim in the morning) so I ended up taking Thursday as my off day.  We had dinner plans with friends that night, and I really wanted to keep them because I know once I am a few weeks into training that is just going to  be pretty impossible to do.  Well, let's just say there was some wine involved with dinner, so a Friday morning run didn't work out.  However, I was determined to get it done, and we have a treadmill at work that I haven't taken advantage of yet.  Well, now I know why.  I ran at lunch, just a short 3 mile run.  About a mile in I knew it was a bad decision.  I was doing about a 9 minute mile pace and was already sweating profusely.  I didn't want to stop though.  It was bad.  We don't have a shower at work, so I had to towel off and get back to work when I was done.  The other people I work with didn't chat with me as much as they normally would on a Friday afternoon when I got back to my desk.  That is something I will not being doing again unless it is a desperate situation.

On Saturday's we usually get up and meet our run club for our long run.  However this weekend we weren't able to to that.  There was a Spring Tri being held about an hour from us on Sunday that a few people from our Tri club were doing.  And on Saturday there was a Kid's Tri that one of our friend's son was doing.  So Saturday morning we headed out to watch the kids and drop off our club tent for the Sprint the next day.  It was just to hot to do our run outside by the time we got home.  Plus we had to get our weekend nap in.  So we headed to the gym Saturday night to run on the dreaded treadmill.  I had to do a 5 mile tempo run.  The first two miles felt like FOREVER.  However I am learning that after that two mile mark it isn't as bad.  I had to focus on my music a lot to keep me distracted.  Though I did watch the infomercial on the TV in front of me, and am totally convinced I now need a Ninja.  This thing is totally awesome!  Around mile 3 my legs were hurting as I haven't done a true tempo run in a long time.  I was very tempted to slow down the pace, but knew that continuing on with the pace will only make me stronger.  So at mile 4 I bumped up from 8:57 to 8:45 so I could push myself.  And let's face it, so I could get of that thing faster!

Sunday I just didn't have it in me to run.  We got up super early again to go cheer on our friends racing the Sprint.  It was hot and humid out and that just sucked the life out me.  Sometimes I really think spectating is harder than racing!  So overall it was an ok week for training.  Here are my final numbers:

Total Distance: 16 Miles
Total Time: 2:35
Total Workouts: 4 (Ahhh, and 50% of those were on the treadmill!)

And the song that got me through on the treadmill this week is

I plan on doing all my tempo runs on the 'mill until the temps go down a lot.  I want to be consistent with those runs, and I know I won't do it in the humidity.  So that being said, please share.  What songs motivate you and get you moving?

Tomorrow starts the real thing!  18 weeks until Hawaii!!


  1. Good week Annie - now it is time to get serious!

  2. I'm already on week 12 of marathon training, how the heck did that happen???

    I'm a sucker for Lady Gaga during a run.

  3. It is nice to see you are using a sensible marathon training plan unlike your nut job of a husband. haha!

    Good luck training!

  4. You have to be flexible and it sounds like you were this week. Listen, life happens. You'll get it done! :) Great job and yay for the first full week of training! Kudos for those treadmill runs... nothing worse!

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