Thursday, July 21, 2011


Overall I think having a healthy lifestyle means having strength.  Not necessarily physical strength, but the strength  to stay committed to what activity you are passionate about.  The strength to go to bed early, wake up early, skip social events, make the right nutrition decisions.  You get the picture.  And lately I have been letting my weaknesses overcome these strengths.  Lately I can't seem to pass up:

Ice cream



Sleeping in

Extra snacks when I don't need them and justify that they are healthy, ie almonds.

Pizza (though it is whole wheat crust)

I had no problem passing these things up before and can't figure out what is going on!!!

I gotta get out of this rut!  So what are your weaknesses?  How do you overcome them?


  1. My weaknesses? Ice cream, beer, sleeping in, extra snacks (handfuls of M&Ms or potato chips), Pizza (it's homemade but not whole wheat). haha

    For the most part, I stick with the everything in moderation attitude. If you try to completely deny yourself the treats you are going to go crazy.

    PS: You forgot "cuddling with the pugs"

  2. If you find the solution to extra snacks that can be justified as healthy, let me know. I wonder how many extra calories I consume from random handfuls of nuts and such.

  3. I go through cycles. Sometimes I don't want to eat anything sweet and then there are days that I can't get enough twix bars. Don't be too hard on yourself, you work really hard! I think once it gets closer to your races you will be more inclined to stay out of your rut. I know once this race is over I am drinking beer for a week straight!

  4. Ha... I have many of the same weaknesses and I just decided that life is too short to cut them out of my life. problem solved!

  5. I agree with Ironman that moderation is the way to go. My weakness is Tostitos. I drink water at night,which helps stop the cravings.