Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Galveston Pre Race Report

First off, thanks to my husband for the words of encouragement.  You are the best.  What he didn't share is that last night I had a little emotional breakdown about this upcoming race.  Which was all started because of my bike seat and the position I was sitting on it.  Anyway, thanks honey.

Now to steal his format for this blog post.

Race Strategy:
Show up.  I will do this by talking myself out of talking myself out of doing the race.  I have two days to do this.  I have no idea what my race pace will be, as I have never done a sprint tri before.

My targets for the race as followed:

Not drown.  I am hoping my wetsuit will help in achieving this goal.  I can only assume that my time will be twice that of the time it takes me to swim(500m) in the pool, as I will probably be zigzagging all over the place.

Not fall in front of everyone while clipped in.

Go as fast as I can to make up time lost on swim and bike.  And rehydrate since I can't drink on the bike.

With transitions I hope to be finished before they close the course.

Thanks for all the well wishes.  And an unnecessary good luck to Jeff.  I know you will rock this training day!


  1. Your goals are quite lofty babe - you are going to do great!

  2. It is all mental out for that monkey on your shoulder. Ignore him when he talks nasty. He will. Be ready. You will rock that race!

  3. You totally got this! It is all mental for the first triathlon. As soon as you exit the swim, the race is basically over. (at least that was the hard part for me).

    You are going to have one heck of a support crew!

  4. You have got this one! I know you will do great and I can't wait to read your race report!

  5. Good luck this weekend. Enjoy it as it'll go by so fast.

  6. All the best! If you show up you've got it! Remember to have fun as well!

  7. Have a GREAT race, I'll be thinking of ya!! : )

  8. Good luck this weekend, enjoy it, you will have a good time!

  9. I like it.
    Don't drown, don't fall, run fast...can we make a shirt for that?

  10. Soooooo how are you :) ?

    Yes I am very curious.