Monday, February 21, 2011

"Back to the Start" Coldplay

Today I am stealing my title idea from EMZ.......  Why?  Well yesterday I went out for my scheduled 25 minute run.  Easy peasy right?  I mean I recently ran a freakin (yes another EMZ original) marathon.  Not so much.  I don't know what happened, but I felt like I had never run a step in my life, kinda like I was back at the start, the first time I stepped out my door.  You know what I mean??  And right about the time I was thinking, why is this so hard, this song popped on my ipod.  Click here to listen

I could not wait for those 25 minutes to be over.  I am not sure why this happened.  Well, that is not entirely true.  I really haven't run much since the marathon, as I was trying to rest my knee.  (Which by the way, didn't really hurt during this torturous run.  I "felt" it, but there was no pain.) And on Saturday night I went out to dinner with some girlfriends.  We had sushi and a couple  three glasses of wine and a beer.  I am sure this had a lot  everything to do with the fact that I felt like I had zero energy on the run.

Since I have started this endurance athlete thing I have struggled with the balance of my training and my social life.  I am a very social person, always the first one at a party, and the last one to leave.  Those late hours, few drinks, and bad food do not mix well with my new lifestyle, which I LOVE!  It is hard to stay connected to people who don't get it though.  I think sometimes, some of them, think Jeff and I are "just working out" and taking it to the crazy extreme.  But to me, running, marathon training, and triathlon training is more of a lifestyle  change, than "just working out."  It may have started off that way, but it has become something that I am very passionate about.  I used to be a person who went to classes at the gym, but that did not provide the same sense of accomplishment I get from what I do now.  Not to lessen the importance of that to people who do enjoy classes ect. Anyway, after this run, I told myself no more late nights like that.  It just isn't worth it.  Which means I need to find a way to stay connected to the people who are not part of the endurance lifestyle.  We have found new friends who are also into this endurance thing, and that is awesome.  But where does that leave me with the people who were there "at the start" of this.  How will I keep those relationships?  Some have been effected, and some haven't, and I am really struggling with this.  I have a feeling that I will find that way for some, but not all.  Wow, didn't know this post was going there.  Has anyone else struggled with this, and what did you do?


  1. Seriously, I struggle wtih this all of the time. My man John is not at all interested in working out though, so it is double the challenge in a way because HE AND all of my friends don't get it and want me to be the going on party girl I used to be. I don't have an answer. I try to get stuff done before it is time to go out, but then I want to be in bed by 9pm because I am up at 4am. I am not interested in drinking yeah. Great thoughts, I found after a time, the friends that are really your friends stick around. The ones who where there just because you were fun to party with fade... Not sure if htis helps or not.

  2. I vote to just hang out at home making dinner and doing laundry!

  3. can you still meet friends out here and there and some of the time?
    I'm actually not sure how that works since I was an out all of the time guy and out til 4am type hours and mostly hanging out with drug addict alcoholics....easy decision for me: drop all friends:)

    Mandy's comment seems to make a Ton of sense!

    oh and so does Jeff's!!! (Im a laundry addict hahaha)


  4. I think something was in the water last week, no one I know had a good run, at all

    Social Life? Whats that? You mean 3 hours group bike rides and Master swinm classes? Those are the new social events, welcome to the club

  5. Annie,

    You are evolving as a person. I'm older than you and have tried to balance a life style like yours, between social and running. What's happened over the years is that relationships/friendships evolve too. Someone gets married and has kids and before you know it, they're going in a different direction than you and it takes even more energy and time to stay in touch.

    My social circle now centers around my family and friends that run though. I try to stay in touch and do other things I enjoy that I have in common with my non-runner friends. But I stay focused on my training for the most part. It's good to cut loose once and a while and not worry about partying and its effect on your next workout. Just don't let things get in the way of running races/goals because you'll just regret it later. Real friends will understand your priorities as long as you carve out some time for them.

    BTW, I like Coldplay, but haven't heard that song before. I like it.

  6. I don't know Annie. I think every now and then a sucky run is worth bonding with friends. I had a good time (and had an equally sucky run on Sunday...LOL!), but it's not like we're doing that all weekend every weekend. Balance is key! I started training to prove to you that you can drink wine and still run...I stand by that (as long as wine night is not the night before long run morning ; ) ).

  7. I hear ya RA--I had a blast Saturday night. I think you are way better at balancing than I am!! Glad I wasn't the only one that suffered on Sunday :)

  8. Welcome to the lifestyle! It really is a "Lifestyle"....there is no way to do this stuff and feel proud of it unless you basically devote a huge chunk of your day to it. Ok, maybe a bit extreme, but it is consuming, right? THAT is where you start to understand the balance. As much as I go gaga over everything Triathlon, I have to remind myself to force myself out the door to go interact with PEOPLE who have nothing to do with our crazy endurance sports. I also make a point NOT to talk about it with them. Even we need a break from this!

    But! Welcome to the lifestyle :)....don't feel guilty. I don't think there is a more healthy addiction!

  9. There comes a point in your life when you realize:
    Who matters,
    Who never did,
    Who won't anymore...
    And who always will.
    So, don't worry about people from your past,
    There's a reason why they didn't make it to your future.

  10. I don't completely agree with Anon's philosophy. It's a little too negative and rigid in my opinion. Haven't you heard of people re-connecting?

  11. Had a blast with you Saturday night. We definitely should have limited the drinks, I could not function the next day. My Three kids were not very happy about that. As for staying connected with non endurance friends, we might not see each other much, but I get it and support you. We don't have to party to hang out. I wish I still lived in KW so we could just do pop ins and dinner, its hard being on opposite sides of town. We will always be in each others lives. I am proud of all the training and races you have done. Just remember the saying its not quantity its quality. If the time you get with your friends is that they will always be there. make new memories while you cherish the old ones. Now if Ruth Ann could just find us that dance club, we would have a weekly night out to look forward to.